Actual Windows Minimizer


Minimize any program to the systems tray


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Unfortunately, many of the programs we use don't have the option to add a small icon to the systems tray for easier access later. Well, here is the perfect fix for this problem.

Actual Windows Minimizer is an application that inserts a button in the toolbar that can minimize the program's icon and add it to the systems tray with just a single click of the mouse, just as you would if the feature was already included in the program.

What's more, you will hardly notice this application running as it barley consumes any resources at all, making it easy to install on slower computers.

Not only can you minimize applications to the system tray, but you can also create a small icon on the desktop.

So, if you've always wanted to access your favorite programs in the system tray, Actual Windows Minimizer gives you that option, along with a whole bunch of other possibilities.

60 day trial period.

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